By combining chocolate of the highest quality and innovative technology of 3D Food Printing, we create unique and tasteful gifts that will amaze your wedding guests.

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Gifts for your wedding guests

Personalized gifts for wedding guests, in a shape of their name, nickname or any other text (max. 10 letters):

  • Made with dark or milk Belgian chocolate of the highest quality
  • Minimum order - 20 pieces

type place card
15,90 zł/piece

  • In transparent packaging with a ribbon
  • Can be used instead of place cards on the tables, showing guests where to sit
  • Size: 10-13 cm long, 3-5 cm wide, 6 mm high

type gift box
19,90 zł/piece

  • In stylish white packaging
  • An option to place a name tag on the top of the box
  • An option to add inside a thank you note or other personalized massage
  • Size: 13-18 cm long, 4-6 cm wide, 7 mm high

Wersja gift box
19,90 zł/sztuka

  • Zapakowane w eleganckie pudełka ecrie wyłożone pergaminowym papierem
  • Możliwość naklejenia winietki na wierzch pudełka
  • Możliwość dodania wizytówki ze spersonalizowaną treścią (np. podziękowaniami za przybycie)
  • Wymiary: Długość 13-18 cm, Szerokość 4-6 cm, Wysokość 6 mm
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custom orders

Cake toppers, gifts for bride and groom, gifts for parents, gifts for other special occasions and events

  • Made with dark, milk or white Belgian fairtrade chocolate, or with white meringue
  • Max. size: 20 x 18 cm x 0.8 cm
  • Any two-lines text (max. 10 letters each line), heart shape or “&” placed as you wish

Type Cake topper

  • Delivered to the pastry shop preparing the wedding cake
  • An option of shape modifications in order to place the topper on the cake

type exclusive box

  • In stylish packaging


  • Live cooking with a 3D Food Printer, on a wedding or any other event
  • Appetizers garnished in fine-dining style (amuse-bouche), 3D-printed and served throughout the demonstration
  • A wide range of ingredients for printing to choose from- for instance chocolate ganache, fruit purees, cheesecake or avocado
  • A wide range of designs to choose from or an option to fully customize the design (e.g. logo or text)
  • Preparation (printing) time of one dish: 3-4 minutes

price 1100-1500

  • The final price can vary and depends on the length of demonstration and location of the event
  • Demonstration can be between 3 and 6 hours long
  • 30 % discount for demonstration in case of ordering chocolate gifts for the guests
  • The price includes food ingredients used during the demonstration


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