Any ideas how to surprise your guests?

By combining chocolate of the highest quality and innovative technology of 3D Food Printing, we create unique and tasteful gifts that will amaze your wedding guests.

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Personalized gifts for wedding guests, in a shape of their name, nickname or any other text:

  • In chic packaging, with an option to include a name tag or a thank you note
  • Any text up to 10 characters
  • Made with dark or milk Belgian chocolate of the highest quality
  • Size: 10-18 cm long, 4-6 cm wide, 6-7 mm high
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custom orders

E.g. gifts for bride and groom, gifts for parents or cake toppers:

  • Max. size: 20 cm x 18 cm x 0.8 cm
  • Made with dark, milk or white Belgian chocolate
  • Fully customized design - text, heart shape
    or “&” placed as you wish
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  • Live cooking with a 3D Food Printer, on a wedding or any other event
  • Appetizers garnished in fine-dining style (amuse-bouche), 3D-printed and served throughout the demonstration
  • A wide range of ingredients for printing to choose from-  for instance chocolate ganache, fruit purees, cheesecake or avocado
  • A wide range of designs to choose from or an option to fully customize the design (e.g. logo or text)
  • Preparation (printing) time of one dish: 3-4 minutes
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3d chocolate printing

3D Chocolate Printing is an innovative technology which makes it possible to create chocolate shapes that are not achievable in any other way. The 3D Food Printer works like an automatic piping bag, which extrudes liquid chocolate and builds up the desired shape, layer by layer. Therefore, it enables us to experiment with form and texture of dishes and products, while a dedicated software allows us to fully customize the designs and print personalized shapes - like logo, names or any text. The printing process does not affect the flavour of chocolate, it is food safe, quick and visually appealing. Chocotales by 3D works with 3D Food Printers from byFlow - a manufacturer and retailer based in the Netherlands. If you want to learn more about the 3D Food Printing technology, you can find more information and pictures here.

our Mission

The global chocolate consumption is growing rapidly. Due to the constantly raising demand, global chains of chocolate production are at very high risk of human rights violations. Not only did the cacao farms in South America and Africa become places of labor exploitation - they also face the risks of climate change and extinction of the cacao plant itself. Aware of these risks and abuses, at Chocotales by 3D we use only FairTrade Belgian chocolate of the highest quality. The certificate guarantees that at all levels of the global production chain, human rights and environmental standards are respected and followed.

about us

Chocotales by 3D is an innovative Polish brand, with long-term international experience in development and practical application of 3D Food Printing technology. Fascinated by food design and in love with the highest quality chocolate, we became the experts of combing the first with the latter. Following the trend of personalized food, we take a step further by offering chocolate products and services which were not available on Polish market before.

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